GISRUK 2008 – reporting back

April 10, 2008

Last week Dr Haklay and I traveled to Manchester, North England, to take part in the annual GISRUK conference. It is one of the main forums for presenting and discussing Geographic Information Science research in the UK. Here we gave a 15 minute presentation to the conference titled, “Visualising London’s Suburbs”. The presentation introduced the Towards Successful Suburban Town Centres project, outlined the impetus behind producing the profiler application and demonstrated how it was used in a project workshop to develop project hypotheses, which was especially important because we have adopted an inductive approach to exploring the sample centres and their socio-economic and spatial characteristics.

The 1,500 word abstract is available for download from UCL e – prints and the presentation can be viewed below.


One Response to “GISRUK 2008 – reporting back”

  1. mukih Says:

    An interesting observation from the presentation is how much people feel that they ‘know’ the suburbs and Town Centres. It was quite revealing that most of the questions after the session were not about the geovisualisation tool that was developed in the project, but about the actual project. This is a good thing – it means that the domain of our research is of interest to other researchers.

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