Retail-led regeneration and Town Centres

July 8, 2008

An interesting radio documentary ‘File on 4’ programme was dedicated to the problems that developers are facing in retail-led regeneration. The programme details are on BBC Radio 4 website, but it is valuable to notice some of the citations that are included in it:

“There’s far more capacity out there than ever before and demand is relatively flat,” says retail sector analyst Richard Hyman of Deloitte, a consultancy, warning that retail-led urban regeneration may be over for good.

The programme argues that the number of projects that are focusing on retail and are in trouble is now in two digits.

As we are starting to see in the detailed case studies and also in the general cases that we are looking at in this research, it is not only the retail that influence how town centres operate and survive. The multiplicity of activities – from light industry to local magistrate court are the things that make these places alive. Maybe the downturn in retail and the oversupply of retail space will help to wake up all those involved to a broader view of these places?


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