“Because this makes more money”

February 4, 2011

Yesterday, there was a suspected gas leak and national grid had to shut off the gas to my flat. Annoyed, but valuing safety over a hot shower, I scheduled for a technician to come by as early as they could the next day to turn it back on. An older man came to the door in the morning and sorted everything out; however, while he was there, I learned some very valuable information about my area of Kentish Town (Torriano Avenue). Apparently, my flat use to be a greengrocer, and most of the flats on the road were also shops. Further to that, the Torriano pub used to be at the end of the road and the present location used to be a pub called the Rose and Crown (currently at the end of the road is a complex of luxury flats). It was incredible meeting a local who knew the history of the area, so I asked him, “Well, why did it all change?” His response was, “Because this makes more money.”

In the short-term, perhaps; but is it sustainable?


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