April 18, 2011

Heading from the station to the town centre, there was a sign that I suspected was to be a precursor of what the visit was going to be like.

In a way it was, but in a way it also wasn’t. I initially thought that this town centre would have a wide high street with fast cars, dividing the area; however, was happy to see that measures had been implemented to slow traffic (speed humps, regular traffic lights, etc.). It was actually the sign itself – there were lots of signs here. The main sign of the town even had a sign as one of the pictures in it, which was rather ironic.

There were, of course, more common things around town that we’re getting used to seeing: new developments (meaning money is coming into the town to facilitate such things), mixed use (residential buildings being used to house commercial establishments), and back area businesses. Outside of that, though, something that stood out to me was the mix of old or old-style with more modern architecture.

Markets in the town were thriving with activity: A small one on the high street was selling fruit and veg as well as flowers and a large one in the main shopping centre had all kinds of things and lots of browsers.

Perhaps the nice weather was a factor in the large turnout of customers, but you still have to ask where they came from to begin with and why they were all available in the middle of a weekday.


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