Call for Papers: ‘The past, present and futures of the high street’ – deadline Friday 24th January 2014

January 6, 2014


The Adaptable Suburb  project is coming to its completion in spring 2014. We are now inviting abstracts for contributions to the project’s closing one-day conference on ‘The past, present and futures of the high street’, on Monday 28th April at UCL.

In addition to our invited speakers, who include Fiona Scott from Gort Scott, Suzanne Hall from LSE and Matthew Carmona from UCL, we are seeking submissions from researchers using empirical evidence and quantitative and/or as qualitative methods to analyse subjects such as social interactions, urban form, and movement flows with regard to the vitality and adaptability of smaller town centres. Upon selection, participants will be invited to submit an unpublished original draft paper of around 6000 words by 21st March 2014 with a view to its consideration for publication in a planned peer-reviewed journal collection and/or an open-access book.

The content should fit one of the three themes of the conference: 1) urban form and spatial network transformations 2) mixed-use and architectural adaptability; 3) everyday sociability. Papers will be pre-circulated amongst speakers to facilitate discussion. There will be time to revise them further after the conference and prior to peer review for publication.

If you are interested in having a paper included in the conference, please send your abstract of 300-400 words to Professor Laura Vaughan  no later than Friday 24 January 2014. You are welcome to contact Laura before that date if you wish to have an informal chat about your submission. If you would rather present an oral presentation and not be considered for publication at this stage, this is an option too.

There is no registration fee for the conference and lunch and drinks will be provided. We are however unable to reimburse expenses for travel and subsistence.


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